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Architectural Graphics After months of teasing and social media hype, Intel finally showed off a system running its first-ever discrete graphics chip, based on the company’s forthcoming Xe architecture. Dubbed “DG1”—first. "It’s based on DG1 and already sampling to the ISVs," Ari Rauch, the company’s general manager for its graphics division, It also disclosed a performance metric

Dean has updated the instructions for HFTA in a new PDF file available for download at in the Supplemental Information and Tools area of the ARRL Antenna Book website. Tom KD8DEG, an experienced cable.

History Of QST – This web page provides supplemental information on the ARRL book History of QST, Volume 1: Amateur Radio Technology.

many other articles and books are listed in this PDF table of references.

Sega Saturn Roms Pack In the Realm of the Senses: – The sheer amount of video and audio took up “99.5%” of the game’s GD-ROM (the proprietary disc format. who had been appointed President of Sega Enterprises after the failure of the Sega Saturn, By 1998’s launch of the Sega Saturn version (the only one to successfully flee the

The ARRL Antenna BookProduct Notes – New TLW Software: As described in the article in the June 2014 QST, a new version of the popular TLW software is available as an upgrade for any who owns an Antenna Book CD.

here to download a PDF.

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