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Smashed | Junji Ito CollectionHorrifying rentals for Hallow’s Eve – Based on the popular manga by Junji Ito, the film features creative and imaginative cinematography by Gen Kobayashi. Two direct-to-video, domestically produced films are also worth a look. Stuart.

Facing a torrent of rape and degradation from the sneering partnership, Sorrow reveals that she has a little secret of her own up her sleeve — and it’s far more than these two debauchees have.

The pairing of the heavy-hitting Junji "Sarumaru" Ito and Atsushi "ATCH Anarchy" Takeuchi sounds.

In the second stanza, the grin was immediately wiped of his face with a hook and then torrent of.

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Suddenly, at 4:33:50, everything shifts from a comical, yet seemingly unending torrent of people offering their sex number to a surreal and terrifying trip that simply cannot be explained. I warn all.

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