What is the Kamasutra really about? Wendy Doniger reads the classic text – The Kamasutra was certainly not the first of its genre, nor was it the last. But the many textbooks of eroticism that follow it, such as the Kokashastra (or Ratirahasya) and the Anangaranga, eliminate.

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According to the 12th-century Indian erotic handbook, the Ratirahasya, written by the poet Kokkoka, a happy marriage was one which didn’t involve redheads or girls named after mountains, trees, rivers.

Ratirahasya or Secrets of Rati, the wife of Kama, the Hindu God of love, is a famous Sanskrit work, written in the 13th century by Pandit Kakkoka. Janavashya is a Kannada work that falls into the.

Vatsayan’s Kama Sutra was written between the fourth and the sixth centuries. Ratirahasya, from the 11th or 12th century, classifies women according to body types, described their erogenous zones and.

It is the earliest surviving Sanskrit erotic treatise, but not the sole survivor. Far less famous are such later works as the Nagarasarvasva of Padmasri or the Ratirahasya (Love Secrets) of Kokkoka.

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