Reader Guide To Periodical Literature

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According to Erik Barnouw, in his history of the early days of radio (A Tower in Babel), there were no articles about radio broadcasting listed in the 1919-21 Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature,

A generation ago, tackling the dreaded high school term paper meant traipsing to the school or public library, sifting through the card catalog, leafing through the Readers’ Guide to Periodical.

In 1834, an article in a Massachusetts periodical accused Joseph Worcester.

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Lippincott’s Guide to Nursing Literature by Jane.

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C.T. has long been indexed in the Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature, the standard researcher’s guide. “Guide” users find C.T.’s writings on the issues of the day cited along with secular ones.

After comic books vanished from newsstands in the early 1980s, nearly all periodical comic books were sold through.

While comic shops tend to focus on longtime fans – often older readers who grew.

can not help being of the greatest usefulness to all who wish to keep track of or to investigate the treatment of any particular subject in the periodical literature of the year. View Full Article in.

Using the Reader's Guide to Periodicals for ResearchAudrey Mathison: Why we desperately need school librarians in a digital world – That’s the good news. But it’s also the bad news for nostalgia buffs. There was an undeniable challenge to searching card catalogs and the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature for resources and a.

In short, the company puts out the Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature, the once-familiar thick green books some older readers may have used at the library to find magazine articles, pre-Internet.

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