The entire Buzzy animatronic later went missing. Spikes posted photos of Buzzy to his Twitter account @BackDoorDisney, an account he created to deliver “unconventional theme park photos” from his.

Records: NBA Player Robin Lopez Unknowingly Bought Stolen Disney World Items – Spikes, who at one time ran the @BackDoorDisney Twitter account, was arrested in May on charges related to thefts at Magic Kingdom. Last week, the state attorney’s office released photos and videos.

Disney declined to comment, calling it a law-enforcement issue. Spikes, an ex-Disney employee, gained a following for his @BackDoorDisney Twitter account that showed pictures of secret areas and.

Former employee arrested for stealing $14K in Disney costumes from Magic Kingdom, Epcot, deputies say – Spikes became a suspect when he started posting pictures of Buzzy on his Twitter account @backdoordisney, the affidavit said. He denied stealing the items when he talked to investigators in November.

Both of them are already scheduled to appear at Disney Springs’ new NBA Experience on Halloween. Patrick Spikes, who ran the BackdoorDisney YouTube channel, which consisted largely of backstage.

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In August, the State Attorney’s Office filed felony charges against him. At one point, Spikes was behind the @BackDoorDisney Twitter account and used it to post pictures of backstage areas around.

Instead, he started churning out videos, podcasts, and tweets under the username “BackDoorDisney.” His Twitter account, which amassed more than 17,000 followers before going dark last week, promised.

Spikes founded BackDoorDisney to post online about his exploits as he explored backstage areas at the Walt Disney World parks. After the 24-year-old was arrested on felony grand theft charges on May.

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