Nin Broken

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Nine Inch Nails kicked off their highly-anticipated Cold And Black.

For the first time in their career, the Trent Reznor-led outfit played their 1992, EP Broken in its entirety. What’s even more.

Nine Inch Nails play 1992’s ‘Broken’ EP in full for first time ever at US tour opener – Nine Inch Nails played 1992’s ‘Broken‘ EP in full last night (September 13) as they kicked off the latest leg of their North American tour. The band began the new run of dates at Phoenix’s Comerica.

Nine Inch Nails surprised fans by opening the evening with a complete performance of their 1992 EP Broken including a number of songs the band hadn’t played live in years. We don’t currently have any.

Nine Inch Nails performed their 1992 EP Broken in its entirety during the kickoff concert of Trent Reznor and company’s Cold and Black and Infinite Tour at Phoenix, Arizona’s Comerica Theatre. As part.

Watch Nine Inch Nails Play “Happiness In Slavery” For The First Time In 23 Years – “Happiness In Slavery,” a single from the 1992 EP Broken, remains one of the heaviest songs in the Nine Inch Nails oeuvre. Its torture-centric video was famously banned by MTV. Trent Reznor used the.

The last time Reznor used this studio – for the clandestine sessions that resulted in Nine Inch Nails’ 1992 EP Broken, which resulted in a Grammy – a studio employee made a crack about the.

Nine Inch Nails opened their Cold and Black and Infinite Tour on Thursday Sept. 13 in Phoenix, Ariz., and wasted no time surprising fans with a performance of their entire 1992 Broken EP. The Comerica.

The guitar-driven "Broken" EP was the sound of Reznor moving on from what he’d done on "Pretty Hate Machine" to the darker industrial rock of his first masterpiece, "The Downward Spiral." Nine Inch.

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