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Hemi-sync Gateway Experience (18 CDs) and Lifeflow (10 CDs) cost approximately the same, holosync (also about 10 or more CDs) is much more expensive. As far as I understand, Gateway Experience is a set of guided meditations which train the listener to achieve states they call Focus 10, Focus 15, and so on.

Apr 09, 2009  · Holosync can help train for that but it won’t take you across. I would like to note for the sake of balance that I do believe Bill Harris has some shadow material to work on in relationship to its marketing – which is a major put off to many folks.

Awakening prologue has no customized material and he could easily seed bit torrent sites with.

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HOLOSYNC, HEMISYNC RELAXATION MEDITATION (BINAURAL BEATS). (Alpha - Theta - Delta)The first Holosync track, The_Dive, lowers the frequency from the Alpha into the deep Delta state (2.5 Hz) using single carrier masked by the sound of rain and crystal bowls (which annoyed the hell out of me). The second track, Immersion, keeps the carrier in Delta, and the crystal bowls are now gone.

Monroe Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Waves 1996 pack. I will be brief and to-the-point. This program has been selling for years and years through the Monroe Institute. It has been thoroughly tested and researched and many people have used this system to reach new states of awareness. No, it.

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